• Melanie Hodskins

A little rain never hurt anyone.

Fall is here and the leaves are changing. It is the most beautiful time of the year! It is also rainy, dreary and on and off again chilly. While you more than likely dream of a session with the sun peeping out from behind an orange, red and green all in one tree you may wake up and find a stormy forecast for the day of your session and start to worry. You immediately text your photographer wanting to reschedule but she (me) says "Don't worry it will be fine"! I ONLY reschedule a session if it is downpouring at the exact time of the session. Why you ask, don't you want the perfect clear sky? Nope, not always. My secret is this, I am no weather woman but I do know before and after a storm you get the most amazing dramatic clouds. Wouldn't it be boring if everyone had the same scene at every session? The answer is yes, perfect is boring! Just take a look at these images.

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