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Family Photo Session with Melanie Hodskins Photography

Updated: Feb 28

I recently did a family session with the Howard family and their session did not disappoint. The girls loved all of my prompts and games and mom and dad had a blast too. But more importantly than having fun, their images are breathtaking!

Molly is absolutely stunning, if you have ever met her you know what I mean. She tried on a few different gowns at the wardrobe consultation. Of course they all looked good on her but then we found THE ONE! A peach gown with buttons up the front and a soft sleeve, she was glowing!

Brian is the glue of this family. Everyone looks to him for advice, answers, do I look good in this? And he does his job well and with patience. He offered so many compliments to his girls as they were trying dresses on, they got a good one for sure! We picked out a button up that would bring tie everyone's colors together.

( get it? since he is the foundation we used his colors to be the foundation to the pallet, just kidding that part was coincidence.)

I put Lily in a dress that would twirl high because when I first met her at the wardrobe consultation her bubbly personality was obvious. We got a lot of dance photos with her in that dress but my favorite is her dancing holding dad's finger.

Scarlett is absolutely adorable but was shy from the moment she met me. I could see she was super comfortable when her parents would talk to her, so all of my prompts for her revolved around giving mom and dad kisses. Which she loved!

I really loved working with this family. I enjoy getting to know my clients on a deeper level. They were so genuinely in love with one another and it showed in their session. As the session was coming to a close the sunset was glowing orange and it was stunning. I captured them standing there taking it all in, it really was just a beautiful sight.

Howard Family Questionaire

What is your favorite thing to do as a family? Giving hugs and kisses - Lily

Who cooks better, mommy or daddy? Dad - Lily

What is the best thing they cook? Mac n cheese -Lily

How long have mom and dad been married? 100 years haha - Lily

Who is the most ticklish in the family? Lily For sure

What movie do yall like to watch together? Ferdinand!

Any plans of adding more kids to the mix? Depends who you ask haha - Brian

Where is your favorite place to vacation? The beach!! - Lily

If you were the Incredibles what would each of your super-powers be?

Super speed- Brian

Invisibility - Molly

Elsa’s power haha - Lily

Being able to fly - Scarlett

Are yall a mini van family or suv? SUV all the way haha!

Who gets the most alone-private time mom or dad? Dad! 😵‍💫

What makes your family unique? We have our own silly language we make up

Howard Family Gallery

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