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Choosing a Newborn Photographer.

It's an honor to be chosen to be someone's newborn photographer. This means they are placing their most delicate and treasured moments in my hands. Whew, what a huge responsibility it is. And trust me, I am always up for the job.

Before bringing home that bundle of joy mommas have so many decisions to make. Where to make a registry, what to put on the registry, what is the latest and most up to date stroller, I mean it's like a whole lot! In the mix of those choices you also have to choose a photographer. So I am going to give you a few tips of what to look for in a newborn photographer.

When choosing a newborn photographer you need to make sure the photographer has plenty of experience. Just like the importance you placed on your wedding day photographer so do you want to do for you newborn photographer. You do not want to just choose anyone with a camera because these are moments that you cannot get back and a newborn session is not the easiest session to photograph. There is a specific work flow and planning that goes into it.

Your photographer should know how to safely pose your newborn. No pose is worth risking the safety of your baby. There are cues to look for when handling a baby that not everyone is aware of. Your photographer should never force a pose or leave your newborn unattended or in a vulnerable to harm. It would be wise to quit your photographer and ask what experience or certification they have in handling a newborn.

Does the photographer have a studio? If not you will have to do your session outdoors or in your home. This can be a bother if you just had a C-section and now are having to clean your entire house to have it photograph worthy. Yes, photographers who have a studio are going to cost a bit more because of the overhead but the experience is totally worth the extra cost. Especially, if the photographer also has a wardrobe from you to choose from. I mean come on, who wants to shop for clothes after they have a baby? It's so nice to walk in your comfy sweat pants and be styled with an exquisite gown and your babes too.

There are different styles of photography, and you may be drawn to a specific style. Let me help you break those down, posed or lifestyle. Lifestyle is primarily focused on the connections of the family members with the baby. This is what photographer's do if they do not have a newborn studio space. This type of photography tells a story of siblings with their new baby and the bond between mom and dad and newborn, it's absolutely beautiful. Posed focuses more on creating different scenes to pose baby wrapped or naked. This tends to take a bit longer as the photographer is changing wraps and bows and backdrops but the outcome is breathtaking. I consider myself a good mix of the two. I have one room for my newborns and one room for the family session. I follow newborn cues as to whether the baby wants to be in a cute wrap or will tolerate some naked poses.

Products can be a biggie. After you have a baby, life has changed dramatically as well as your schedule. Your used to be free afternoons are now crowded with feeding schedules and a whole lot of laundry. It would make your life a whole lot easier if after your session someone handed you an already put together gorgeous album of your dreamy images along with a exquisite wall art piece to hang and stare at your new baby. These are all apart of the newborn experience you choose for yourself. In our DIY world, most mommas choose a session along with all digitals thinking they will do a gallery wall and prints for nana and papaw and scrap book during their down time, but sadly end up not printing for years and the age old story, time got away from me. I know this story I am guilty of it. It wasn't until baby number three that I wised up and said you know what I want to actually have a dreamy session of my new baby and have them displayed for all to see. That baby of mine is now three and I still have two canvases of her on display in my living room. But again, just like the photographer with the studio costs a bit more so will someone who offers products but just like before it is one hundred percent worth it. You will be getting art work that instead of adding a task to your list of things to do. I cannot tell you how many albums I have handed to new parents and they repeatedly thank me for their gorgeous products. Clients never regret receiving such lovely art pieces, the only regret is not printing.

There are hundreds of photographers in our area. It would be wise to call a few photographers to find the best one for you. See what they offer, visit their studio and client closet. I always offer for my new clients to come and tour with me before booking, and if you are reading this and would like to do that feel free to email me at I hope you enjoyed the read and it made finding a newborn photographer easier for you.

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