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How to prepare for your newborn photo session- Owensboro, Ky Newborn Photographer

One of the most exciting experiences after having a baby is the newborn photo session. All of the cute bows and hats, props and tiny outfits offer the cutest images you ever did see. And just wait till you see the images with the baby yawning or smiling, the heart immediately explodes. These sessions are always such a delight to be a part of, but they also require a TON of preparation mainly for me, but my parents have some prep work as well.

After the baby is born, the parents and I agree on a date between seven and fourteen days after birth that will work best for them to come into the studio. I like to book these sessions in the morning because of how long a session can take it lines up perfectly to be able to eat lunch right after the session. So, what about the siblings that have school? Typically, my parents treat this like a doctor's appointment and sign their kids out early or keep them out all day. You can plan on being in my studio around two-three hours.

I always prepare my parents with a list of things to do and bring for example, pacifier, two or three extra feedings, a snack for siblings and a regular bra for mom because the breastfeeding bras are not flattering. My parents are welcome to come to the studio while I am setting up to feed the baby before the session. I arrive at the studio an hour before a newborn session because there is so much to set up. Upon arrival I set my thermostat to a higher degree to make sure baby has a nice warm environment, as well as turning on my electric blanket heater, babies snuggle right up on that layer. There are also typically five or six sets I arrange of buckets and layers, using just the perfect textures and colors.

What should you wear to your session? Come in your pj's! I have all the wardrobe you and your family will need. I knew so many years ago I wanted to provide a full wardrobe for clients after shopping and searching for my own family photo session, it was a nightmare! And it took me weeks to find the right colors and patterns for everyone. Soon after I opened my business, I started collecting women's gowns and now have a full family wardrobe including dad. Dress your kids and newborn in something easy on and easy off and no bows ahead of time so they don't indent baby's forehead. I mentioned this earlier, but it is so important I am mentioning it again, do not plan on wearing a nursing bra during the shoot. You are welcome to wear it to the studio and once you leave but for most gowns they will show.

I hope this information helps you get ready for your own newborn session so that you can have an amazing experience, feel free to message me with any other questions you have. If you have an upcoming session with me, I will be emailing you with your own information to prep for your session. I cannot wait to work with you and take the cutest images of your baby.

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