• Melanie Hodskins

It's all about the dreamiest locations! Photography in Owensboro,Ky.

When booking your session you probably have lots and lots of questions and ideas running through your head. Where to do the shoot is more than likely one of those. Let me ease your stress a bit with this guide to choosing a location that best fits you.

Several different factors go into choosing a location that is most suitable for you as a senior or for your family if doing a family photo shoot. So first thing is first, consider your style and your personality. Are you a lover of the city lights and landscape, strolling the streets in your heels like a regular? Or do you prefer to dance with the sun in a field in the middle of nowhere wearing a gown that will twirl right along with the wind blowing your hair? You want your images to represent your personality.

Another thing to consider for families is the safety of your session. There is a lot of traffic in the city and if you have several little kids it can be hard to ensure their safety. In this case, it may be best to have your session in the wide open country so they can play.

And last but not least, consider where in your home you will be placing these images. The wall art needs to accentuate the decor in your home. Some of us have a rustic farmhouse vibe while others of us have a record player and The Beatles poster. And if you are like most indecivise people you may have a little of both so you can choose any location for your session and it will all flow perfectly.

I hope this guide helps plan your next session, if you are booking with me I have several locations in Owensboro, Ky that we can look through and a lot of those are exclusive locations to my clients. I would be thrilled to help you decide your style and work with you.

These photography sessions were captured at locations in Owensboro, Ky. Downtown Owensboro,KY. Ohio River in Owensboro,KY. Reid's Orchard in Owensboro, Ky. The top right images was taken in Nashville, TN. If you are interested in a photo session in Owensboro, Ky or the surrounding area head over to the book now page and let's chat!

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