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My top three favorite locations for a family photo shoot.

In Owensboro, Ky we have a lot of farms, crop land and that's about it. It can be difficult to find that perfect picturesque location unlike somewhere like the mountains (which I have done a session at and OH MY GOSH), or the beach or the dessert (bucket list). However, I have done it! I have found what I consider to be the three best locations in Owensboro, Ky for a family photo session. Most of my locations are exclusive to my clients, however, if you are a photographer, you can find similar locations using the descriptions I give with each location.

Location number one: Open field with tall grass

I love, love, love this location for so many reasons. I am always a huge fan of motion in my images and mommas reaching for their babies and the tall grass at this location MAKES families do this because the grass is so tall, little ones need assistance walking through it, so their first instinct is to reach for momma or daddy. The dimension the tall grass brings to a family portrait is so dreamy. It really makes the images pop. This field is large and open, so we have a lot of options for games and making the best memories! This location does not disappoint.

Location number two: Rolling hills

Nothing says picturesque like rolling hills in the background! I have two locations like this for a family session one in Owensboro, Ky also one in McClean County which is just a twenty-minute drive. As you can see in the images above when the sun sets right behind the hills you get that dreamy glow. I am such a sunset snob! If it works in my client's schedule I make sure we shoot as close to sunset as possible. Kids love this location because it gives them a feeling of adventure and freedom out in nature. My favorite prompt at this location is to have mom and daughter skip towards me up the gravel road. I also like for families to walk together up and down the gravel road and call out for one of the kids to look back at me, I love how this image includes the audience.

Location number three: River front or waterfall

Okay so this location is probably my favorite! It is definitely for the client who wants the unique, amazing setting and doesn't mind driving or hiking to get to it. That's me. I am an adventure seeking soul and I like my images to reflect that. The images above show a gorgeous creek bed that leads to the most amazing waterfall I have ever seen. You just can't go wrong having a family photo shoot in the water, frolicking on the shoreline, hand in hand, with the littlest on dad's shoulder while the kids stop to skip a rock. UGH, I love it! Now for the clients that want a water location and are not able to spend much time driving to get there I like to use the shoreline at the river which is still unique and beautiful.

I realize choosing from one of these three locations can be a little stressful because they all offer such beautiful detail for your family photo session. I don't think you can make a wrong decision; however, I recommend sitting down with your family and going over this list. Together you and your kids can decide where they want to go, and which location seems like the most fun for them. Not only will this help but it also includes them in the decision making process and for that they will more likely be on their best behavior because it was their choice. See there, reverse psychology at it's best. Whichever location you choose, I look forward to capturing your story and helping you to create memories that will last a lifetime!

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