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One Year Milestone Session with the Morris Family - Owensboro, Ky Photographer

Updated: Feb 28

Literally, the only thing better than watching my babies get big is documenting your babies growing up and all of their little quirks. When clients first bring their newborn babies to me, the studio is quiet except for those subtle baby grunts, and then their six-month session fills my space with sweet baby giggles at all of my silly sounds and faces, and then the one year is an adventure as baby is usually on the go. One year seems like such a short time when your baby grows so fast, I am here to document all of those moments that you will forever want to hold on to. I have some great packages for my one-year clients to choose from to cherish all of those first-time precious memories.

I just completed a one-year session with one of my most favorite families, the Morris family. I also follow Hayden on Instagram. She does a terrific job of capturing her babe on the daily and all of the crazy things her kids get into, but there is nothing like the studio and professional images of her babe's milestones. And, the best part, momma has the chance to get pretty and be in front of the camera. If you close your eyes and remember those sweet baby hugs, the ones where you turn into their necks and you can feel their ever so soft hair brush your face and you give them the sweetest kisses on their neck that makes them giggle. Don't you want to forever remember how that felt? These are the precious moments we are documenting and putting in your heirloom products.

I promise, you will never say " I took too many photos" but you will forever regret the ones you didn't take. Let's take a peek at the Morris family one year gallery.

How did you tell your husband you were pregnant:

We were sitting on the couch and I showed him the positive pregnancy test, he just laughed.

Which kid was excited when you found out the baby was a boy?

Jack was excited, Frankie was too little to care

Rowan Thomas Morris


Weight: 9lbs 15oz (yeahhhhhhh)

Interesting fact:

Rowan means "little redhead".

Who does he look like?

His uncle Jay.

At six months what was Rowan doing?

He had found his feet and loved playing with them.

What was his first favorite food?



Not yet, but a lot of rolling around.

At one year he is getting and giving a lot of love.

Is he walking?

He is pulling up and can walk with assistance, I think he can do it on his own.

Does he talk?

He babbles and loves to say "YAY!"

What is his favorite food?


What does he want to be when he grows up? :)

A basketball player like his uncle Jay.

Who is his favorite person?

His photographer

-I swear that's what he told me in the studio!

His dad is his second favorite.

If you would like to book a one year session just head over to my website and his the Contact tab.

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