• Melanie Hodskins

Preparing your littles for the photo session

So you have booked your family session and now you are worried about how your kiddos will behave. Don't set your children up for disaster on the day of the shoot. Instead, prepare a few days before by following these tips. All children need to be fed before the shoot, babies, toddlers and teens. It just makes sense, people are more joyful when their bellies are full. MAKE SURE your napping age children have napped before the session. This doesn't mean on the ride over to the location because then you will be waking them from their nap and most children are cranky when this happens. Hours before the shoot, get them ready by playing with them. Get them in a loving mood that way when it comes time for getting their smiles and giggles you can refer back to the game you were playing at home and they will instantly feel more comfortable. Talk to them about where you are going and how much fun we are going to have and describe to them the location whether we will be outside or inside. The more you can do to prepare the little ones, the better. Also, prepare yourself. Remember to stay patient, calm and happy because children feed off of their parent's emotions. I have worked with children for over five years and I have three little ones of my own. They each come with their very own personality and quirks and I am very helpful at getting them comfortable in front of my camera.

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