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Session Styling

The goal of my sessions is to focus on intimate moments to create the most beautiful storytelling artwork. In order for the image to be pleasing to the eye, many details and planning go into that. One of the pieces to the puzzle is wardrobe. What you wear, what patterns and colors are on the clothes and the style of clothes. And guess what? I do not put this daunting task on my clients. It's too much!

After you book a session with me, I immediately book a wardrobe consultation. At this session, we go over the style of clothes that are best for the location you have chosen, for example you don't want to wear a ball gown with heels in a cornfield. I have a client closet for women and children under eight, so at this session we also try on gowns and ninety nine percent of my clients find something in my closet. After I style momma, we style her babes and lastly dad, because well guys are always the easiest and typically have something in their own closet that will fit the scene and family perfectly.

I am so thrilled to offer this experience for my clients, because I remember booking a photo session many years ago. A few days before the session I thought to myself, okay let's go shopping for the shoot. So I gathered my littles while my husband was at work and took off to Kohl's, after all we have all of four or five stores to shop in this small town of mine. Needless to say after going to all of those stores, I found a few okay things but I was unsure of how it would all flow and I was exhausted of trying stuff on me and the kids. I needed help, I needed an outside opinion. Fast forward five years later, I opened a studio and knew I never wanted this headache for my clients, I wanted a unique, stress-free experience. And so the client closet began and has been growing ever since.

You want your client to show up happy and confident. Here are some tips for styling for your session:

  • one pattern for every three people

  • incorporate three or four colors

  • no logos

  • dresses should not be of a stiff material or too baggy

  • no neon colors

  • shoes will more than likely be seen in your images so make sure they match the outfit

  • dress everyone for the same season

These images are a good example of what to wear.

Maternity session in Owensboro, KY.

Family Session in Owensboro, KY.

Maternity Session in Owensboro, KY.

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