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Many of my clients, when inquiring about a newborn session, ask this main question can we do pictures of the baby with the siblings and the whole family. My answer, absolutely!

During a newborn session or any session for that matter, I make sure to get images of all the bonds, relationships and quirks of a family. I am a storyteller, so my goal is to tell your family's story and it is always my favorite to have the sibling excited to be in an image with their new baby sibling. However, the siblings aren't always excited about this. Typically, sibling ages three and two are not always going to lay down with their newest addition but with a few tricks up my sleeve we always get the shot.

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At the reveal of the gallery, parents swoon over the sibling shot. Why wouldn't they? All of their sweet babies, in one image, is enough to make anyone's heart explode.

My second favorite pose of a newborn session is with my dads. Especially with my new dads. By the time they come to me in the studio, they aren't exactly proficient at holding babes, and so when I hand them the baby they are a bit nervous, squirmy and what to do their absolute best with the babe. It's so cute! I always pose them in their most comfortable state with the baby as to not look so unnatural. Once I give the cue to admire your babe like you just saw him for the first time, this look usually comes over their face, it works every time.

Newborn Photographer in Owensboro, KY

Okay so really there is no ranking when it comes to getting images of mom and babe. I could literally capture mom with her babies all day every day. I live for capturing motherhood. Probably, because a mother holding her newborn is so natural. If I lay the mom on the bed and place the newborn in front of her, typically I can get so many images of this one pose because that momma is not going to be able to keep her kisses and touches away for very long. After they hear me get the first posed image they go to town loving on that baby.

Now it is time for the newborn to have his/her session by themselves. By this time, the baby is warm and spoiled with cuddles and ready for their close up. This is a great time for mom and dad to take a break and gather their thoughts and things up for departure. This also is a good time to give some alone attention to the sibling that may feel a bit left out from life the past couple of weeks. After all, these new babes tend to steal the show for a couple of months. So I get my baby snuggle time and baby session in and that's it. The perfect, dreamy newborn session with yours truly.

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