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Why do a maternity photography session?

Updated: Mar 3

If there is one thing that I pride myself in, it is reminding women of their beauty, self-worth and to embrace their story always. For most women, pregnancy is not their most favorite body image of themselves and they aren't thrilled about the idea of a photography session, but today I am going to help shape a better vision for you of women during this amazing chapter of life. It's a time to celebrate yourself and the miracle of life.

"There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation." - Pamela S. Nadav

Typically, pregnancy is all about mom and baby. As you get further along, 20+ weeks, you will start feeling the baby kick, and don't forget all of the doctor's appointments you go to. You are constantly hearing the baby's heartbeat and feeling the baby kick, but siblings and spouses are usually left out of these unique experiences. A photography session is a great opportunity to take a break from life and have some precious quiet moments with you, your kids, your spouse and the baby bump. It's fun for the siblings to whisper sweet wishes into your womb, and it is absolutely beautiful to give your spouse some time to love on that belly too. These are moments you will forever want to remember and also show your babe once they get older, how loved they were even before they were earthside. My children often ask me to tell them stories about when they lived in my belly and the things I craved to eat while pregnant with each of them, so I grab their baby album and we take stroll back in time and enjoy every story and every detail and so do I.

It may feel like you have been pregnant for an eternity but listen to me when I say YOU WILL MISS YOUR PREGNANT BELLY! Every momma complains during pregnancy, first because of nausea and later because, well, quite frankly it's exhausting carrying another human around in your belly. But as exhausting as it is, the minute your baby is earthside you will instantly miss them being in your womb. It's really hard to explain but trust me on this, I am on my fourth pregnancy and every time I have these same feelings. Therefore, it's important for you to document each pregnancy, because you will appreciate being able to look at images of yourself when you were pregnant, it will bring back all of those feelings of kicks in your womb and trying out the new rocking chair in the baby's room, where you rocked while pregnant imagining what it would be like once your baby was here.

When my momma's contact me, inquiring about a session, and they find out I have a full selection of beautiful gowns for them to wear, they are instantly relieved. Whatever your vision, from bare belly to princess gowns to boho or just simple, I have a gown for every momma's style. This session is all about you, celebrating you and the start of the next journey of your life, so take the time for yourself, you will never look back and say "Man I wish I had never done that session" on the other hand "I regret not getting maternity pictures" is often what I hear.

If you love these images, and you would like to book a session of your own either in my downtown studio or at an outdoor location message me here. With over nine years in experience of working with mommas to be I would love to start planning your session and hear your vision for your images.

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